Dedicated to protecting, preserving and restoring vision through world-class eye care, innovative research and first-class medical education, Dr. Siamak Zarei-Ghanavati’s Eye Center is Khorasan’s leading academic tertiary referral center for ophthalmic services. Clinical expertise goes hand-in-hand with a long-standing reputation for compassionate care and strict adherence to the highest medical, scientific and ethical standards. Dr. Siamak Zarei-Ghanavati’s Eye Center is the only facility in the region to integrate into a single location the full range of knowledge, skill and equipment in every aspect of ophthalmic medicine.
Recognized leaders in their fields, Dr. Siamak Zarei-Ghanavati Health System ophthalmologists are board-certified consultant specialists and sub-specialists with advanced training and state-of-the-art proficiencies.

Ellex ® Ultra Q Reflex, YAG Laser

Ultra Q Reflex’s proprietary slit lamp illumination tower design converges the operator’s vision, the target illumination and the treatment beam onto the same optical path, and focuses them to the same optical plane – minimizing the potential for focusing errors and the risk of damage to the natural lens or the retina. This makes Ultra Q Reflex™ ideal for targeting vitreous strands and opacities.

Zeiss ® The New IOL Master 700

ZEISS was the inventor of the first optical biometer and pioneered the introduction of OCT for ophthalmology. We have now integrated SWEPT Source OCT technology into biometry to create the first SWEPT Source Biometry® device from ZEISS.

Pentacam® HR

Within a mere second the Pentacam® supplies you with precise diagnostic data on the entire anterior eye segment. The degree of corneal or crystalline lens density is made visible by the light scattering properties of the respective media and is automatically quantified by the software.

Tomey ® TMS-4N

The Topographic Modeling System TMS-4 is a device that provides information about corneal configuration and refractive characteristics. Unlike conventional keratometers, this device employs color maps incorporating the most modern computer technology, to permit easier and more accurate diagnosis than conventional devices. The TMS-4 has a “Light Cone” keratoscope with a short working distance, therefore it is easier for the operator to lift the patient’s eyelid.

Topcon® Specular Microscope, SP-1P

SP-1P introduces a modern ergonomic design and innovative features that simplifies its use and increases its efficiency. A large 10.4 inch rotatable touch panel monitor eliminates the need for a control lever, and can be turned to various angles, for better interaction with the patient. By simply tapping on the center of the patient’ s pupil displayed on the monitor, this specular microscope automatically centers, focuses and acquires the endothelial cell image.

Topcon® Auto Kerato-Refractometer, KR-1

The KR-1 takes automated operation to a new level. Simply touch the center of the pupil on the touchscreen control panel, and the KR-1 automatically obtains right and left eye information immediately. The KR-1 provides an innovative operation experience and eliminates the need for a control lever.

Topcon® Tonometer and Pachymeter, CT1P

Topcon, with its wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing high-performance non-contact tonometers since 1987, is proud to introduce the CT-1/1P* non-contact tonometer. The CT-1/1P is more stylish and more compact than ever before. The flexible control panel enables the CT-1/1P to be installed in many different positions in the examination room.

Haag Streit® Slit Lamp BQ 900 LED with Imaging Solution

Thanks to its excellent optics, versatility and ease of operation, the BQ 900® has become the standard for those requiring advanced slit lamp microscopy. A wide range of optional accessories provide convenient conditions for every examination.