Dr. Siamak Zarei-Ghanavati

Cornea, Cataract and Refractive Surgery Fellowship, UCLA, USA

Dr. Siamak Zarei-Ghanavati

Ocular Surface Disease and Keratoptosthesis Fellowship, UM, USA

Dr. Siamak Zarei-Ghanavati

Anterior Segment Fellowship, SBMU, Iran

Dr. Siamak Zarei-Ghanavati

Advance Course of Keratoplasty and Eye Banking, IU, USA

Dr. Siamak Zarei-Ghanavati

About Dr. Siamak Zarei-Ghanavati

Dr. Siamak Zarei-Ghanavati, has performed over 20000 eye surgeries, lectured at UCLA (USA), UM (USA) and MUMS universities and operated in USA, Tehran and Mashhad. He is a Professor at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences.

Honors and Awards

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  • The world’s highest-performance eye laser for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery
  • Unmatched precision through 7D eye tracking
  • Unparalleled patient safety and comfort through extremely fast ablation of 1.3 seconds per dioptre*
  • Convenience for doctor and patient through swivel laser arm
  • Safe, gentle, and touch-free treatment withSmartSurfACE
  • Uniquely broad range of applications with SCHWIND CAM
  • جراحی بدون تماس و درد (ترانس پی آر کی) No Touch Technique (Trans-PRK)
  • Intelligent Thermal Effect Control (ITEC)
  • Intelligent Thermal Effect Control (ITEC)
  • تکنولوژی ۷ بعدی
  • Treatment Assistant Manager (TAM)